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Quick handy guide for placing your BlitzBarn Classified Ads up on the site.

We’ve tried to make this as easy as possible, but if you you have any comments or suggestions please let us know and we’ll do what we can.

  • REGISTER and create your Account
  • Fill in your details
  • Purchase an ad through ‘Price Plans’ go to the ‘Buy Ads Here’ page on the top left of the page..this will credit your Account
  • When filling your item details, fill in all boxes. You don’t have to give your home address or postcode, just provide your Town or County
  • Tags – All ads are fully searchable, so use tags to create as many searchable terms as you can, this will help people find the item and help you sell it quicker. For example; British, 1940, Army, Personal, Cap



The aim of ‘BlitzBarn Vintage Classifieds’…to give us lot the Wartime 1940’s ‘Vintage types’ often found wearing Olive Drab, covered in Oil, Collecting, Reenacting, Doing Living History and Trading a nice, easy, sensibly priced online market place specific to us to Find, Buy and Sell the things that we love to Display, Use, Drive, Ride, Wear, Cherish and Collect.

For now its just £0.10p

“Why Oh Why when I can go to Social Media for free!” I hear you cry…Well searching through all the noise on SM is a pain in the ‘hows your Father’ but more importantly not everyone subscribes to Social Media. We need to ask for this tiny price so the website can wash its face, that bit isn’t free to anyone BUT the best bit…every tiny payment made to reach like minded people doesn’t just go in the pocket, it also goes to what we hope will be an amazing and genuinley unique restoration project. We can’t say anything about it now, all we can say is that it will take lots of time, money and effort…so those 10p’s and £1’s will genuinely help us in time to do something amazing we hope for all.

No Buyers or Sellers fees. Just a straight honest little payment, remember for now its just 10p.

BlitzBarn is a Family run site! We run and have owned various classic cars, motorcycles and military vehicles, attend small local gatherings to big national ones, support Veterans and their Families visiting old bases and go to places such as Normandy.  For me it all started when I was a kid spending a great deal of time with my Grandparents, on our Fathers side Grandfather was a tool maker helping to build Merlin Engines, on our Mothers side Nan was a Nurse in London during the Blitz, Gramps was RAF MU and his brother was a Lancaster Pilot for 195 Squadron. Gramps, who I spent most of my childhood with had a huge love of old Warbirds, Steam Trains and all things Vintage, that to him this was a time where things were proper. We used to visit old WW2 Airfields, look at Trains, visit museums and go to airshows which I still do as often as possible.

For many of us, whatever the reasons and connections to the past are, this period in our history has made a real impact into our lives, in many respects we feel its our duty to keep this time alive, even live it..a life less complicated and to honour those who paid the ultimate price, we hold them dear in our hearts as well as sharing their story with others as best we can.

BlitzBarn Vintage Classifieds…Register and get selling! for 10p! You can do it.. Please share the site…the more visits, the more eyes, the more eyes then more stuff you can sell and the quicker you can find what you are looking for.

To all you ‘BlitzBarners’ we hope you find what you are after and are happy to sell your bits n’ bobs

Best Wishes The ‘BlitzBarn Team’

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